Do companies subscribing to Petwatchdog's business services get a higher Pawscore?

No, subscribing to Petwatchdog's business services does not automatically lead to a higher Pawscore. If a company has poor customer service and slow delivery, consumers will most likely voice that in their reviews.

The only way of increasing a Pawscore is for businesses to actively engage with their customers and improve their customer service. Engaging with customers could include inviting them to write reviews - either using the company’s own systems or Petwatchdog’s Automatic Feedback Service - and replying to reviews.


Do companies using Petwatchdog's invitation service get a higher Pawscore?

No, using  Petwatchdog's invitation service does not automatically lead to a higher Pawscore.

However, if companies invite their customers to write reviews - either via their own systems or via Petwatchdog's Automatic Feedback Service - they tend to get a more representative image of the company's customer service. Customers will likely voice their opinions about whether the company has poor or good customer service in their reviews.

The only way businesses can improve their Pawscores is to actively engage with customers and improve their customer service. Companies using Petwatchdog's Automatic Feedback Service are often the companies most actively engaged in efforts to provide better customer service.

Can businesses subscribing to Petwatchdog's business services remove negative reviews?

No. No company can remove a review from Petwatchdog. However, businesses - can flag a review if they think it violates our guidelines. Our review team will then investigate the review.

Does Petwatchdog remove negative reviews for companies?

No. Petwatchdog doesn’t remove reviews because they’re negative. That type of behavior isn’t in line with Petwatchdog’s purpose or our foundation.

Petwatchdog asks consumers to share the own honest opinion and if their reviews does not comply with our guidelines then we may not publish it. See also: What happens when my review is reported?

Who decides which companies are reviewed?

At Petwatchdog, we give customers a voice. They decide which companies they want to review.

A profile page for each business or domain is automatically created on Petwatchdog when a reviewer posts a review about that business or domain. Therefore, the very first reviewer of each business or domain triggers each profile page on Petwatchdog.

The internet makes it possible for consumers to share their views about their buying experiences. And they do that extensively - not just on review communities like Petwatchdog, but also on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. As we see it, companies can’t avoid online reviews about their services, and should therefore use the opportunity to engage with the feedback they receive.

We’ve designed the Petwatchdog review community so that everyone can use it for free. We aim to make it easier for consumers to read and write reviews, and for companies to find feedback and engage in useful dialogue with their customers.

Can companies remove their profiles from Petwatchdog?

No, companies can’t remove their profiles from Petwatchdog. Reviews are like all other types of user-generated content on the internet and social media, and can’t be removed.

We safeguard the trust and transparency of our review community. Businesses and consumers alike can rest assured that no company or competitor can simply delete a profile that has a number of negative reviews and create a new one.

How does Petwatchdog generate revenue?

Read about our business model here.

Are Petwatchdog employees allowed to write reviews on Petwatchdog?

Yes. Petwatchdog employees are permitted to write reviews on Petwatchdog as we would be a hypocrite, if we was not using our own service. Petwatchdog which was created out of our founders frustration and needs for a easy to use pet review website, as being in pet retail for 15 years and he had no easy way to catalogue the feedback from his customers and share it publicly. 

We have guidlines in place place for our staff when it comes to reviews they don't just have to agree to the terms and conditions, they agree to our inhouse rules, if broken can lead to immediately terminate of contract.


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